Words to Build a Life On

I have had several conversations recently about the reliability of the scriptures. I’m thrilled that
people are talking about this, because the scriptures are the foundation of what we teach and preach at
FCC, and it is quite natural for people to make sure that foundation is secure before building their life on

At one church I served at, I did an object lesson. One side of the sanctuary played the children’s
game of telephone to pass a message about the average rainfall of Brazil to the back of the room. The
other side was given a notecard about the average temperature in Juneau, Alaska, and they had to copy
that message on notecards. Each row would get all the notecards of the row in front of them, but not
any rows before. At the end, the “telephone” group had changed the message into “Jesus loves me”,
which was totally unrecognizable from the original. However, the notecard side at the end had perfectly
duplicated the original message.
People often dismiss the Bible as unreliable because they compare it to a game of telephone,
but it was much more like the notecards. The Dead Sea Scrolls were such a major find because they
predated the earliest copies of some of the earliest copies we had at that point by almost 1,000 years,
and yet, apart from a couple minor spelling changes that didn’t affect the meaning of the text, the texts
were identical to the much more recent ones.
God has protected His Word over the years. One song I love is titled “Words to Build a Life On”,
and that’s exactly what we have in the Scripture. Are you building your life on a firm foundation?