Who You Are

The 1991 movie Hook is the story of Peter Pan as a grown up. He’s left Neverland and become a lawyer
in our world. Through a series of events, he finds himself back in Neverland as an adult, facing the Lost Boys. In
one of the dramatic moments of the movie, one Lost Boy, Pockets, sees hints of Peter’s true self in his face
and helps remind him of who he always was.

What we believe our identity is defines who we become. If we define ourselves by our job, our titles,
our accomplishments, then we will become someone who is focused on those values. An increase in pay or
position makes us feel validated, but a difficult work experience can make us question who we even are.
Jesus, though, sees us as children of God. When we see ourselves primarily as God’s children, it affects how
we live and what we view as important.
Today, you have a choice. What defines you? Where is your identity found? I encourage you to find
your identity in Christ alone.