Unknown Impact

“Where are the other nine?” – Jesus in Luke 17:17
I’ve done a lot of funerals in my life, and one thing I heard too often is how we often wait until too late to tell
someone what they mean to us. Someone may have changed our life, and they die never knowing their impact
on us.

When I was in Bible college, a professor suggested that we keep a drawer on encouraging notes we receive.
There will often be difficult days, days when you wonder if you are making a difference at all. In those times,
it’s helpful to open that drawer and pull out those encouraging cards and letters. I believe that can be a helpful
habit for anyone to cultivate. Yet, remember that for every one person who tells you, there might be several
more who’s life you impacted, but they never tell you.
Jesus healed ten people with leprosy in Luke 17, but only one returned to thank Jesus. My challenge is two-fold
today. Thank someone who made a difference in your spiritual life, and, secondly, don’t become discouraged,
because you may well be changing more lives than you know.