Recently I was having a discussion with Lance (our Youth Minister) about Einstein’s theory of relativity and
the nature of time. We ended with more questions than we started with, but one point became very clear to me:
the universe is vastly larger than my mind can comprehend. Did you know it takes light, moving at, well, the
speed of light (186,000 miles/sec) eight minutes to reach the Earth? If the sun stopped shining right this second,
no one on earth would realize it for eight minutes. To give some context, if you moved at the speed of light, you
could travel around the equator 7.5 times in a single second. Put another way, you would have to walk around
the equator over 3600 times to equal the distance between the earth and the sun.
What I’m trying to say is that the universe is BIG. Those elementary school posters of the solar system make
us think that the planets are relatively big, but if they were drawn to scale, they would be practically invisible
because they would be so small.
But here’s the thing: God sent His own Son down to this tiny little speck in the cosmos. The creator of all the
universe took on flesh and lived on this tiny little sphere. Even though we are so small in this great big universe,
Jesus died for us. God cares about the smallest things. Even while on Earth in the flesh, Jesus talked about the
value of the little things: mustard seeds, sparrows, lost coins, and children. We worship a big God, yet a God
who also sees the small things.
Whatever you are facing is neither too big for God to handle nor too small for Him to notice. Trust him with
that situation today.