Trouble in Paradise

In Genesis chapter one, every time God makes something He calls it good. The earth is good. The trees are
good. The birds and fish are good. The animals are good. But then in Genesis chapter two, there is one thing
that is not good: for man to be alone. This is before the Fall. The world is idyllic and unmarred by sin. Yet still,
in this paradise, there is something that is not good. To fix this, God forms Eve to be the perfect partner for
Adam. Most times I have read or studied this passage, the theologians speak of the institution of marriage.
Rightly so! That is clearly mentioned in this passage. But in our Sunday School discussion yesterday, we
discussed how in our modern, pandemic-affected world, “It is not good for man to be alone” has taken on a
different layer of meaning. The past several months have been a challenge for many as they we isolated in
homes, away from friends and family. Nursing homes and hospitals restricted visitation, often completely. In
the midst of this profound isolation and loneliness, we have lived out the truth that “it is not good for man to be
alone.” Today, give a call to someone who might be alone. You might just be that lifeline of friendship in a
dark time.