The Tomb is Still Empty

Easter Sunday has come and gone. It’s easy for us to move on with our lives. We have busy schedules. Bills need to be paid, meals need to be prepared, chores need to be done. It’s so easy for us to slip back into the routine of our daily lives. Yet the tomb is still empty. The resurrection we celebrate at Easter Sunday doesn’t stop on Monday.
What difference does it make? Sometimes it’s hard to see how an ancient event, even one as amazing as the
resurrection, has any bearing on our busy lives today. The resurrection, though, shows that the battle has been won. You may be struggling today with self-doubt, with temptations, with having the will to make it another day. The battle may be hard right now, but the message of the cross and the empty grave is that the victory is already achieved. We’re still fighting the battles, but the ultimate victory has already been won. We have to keep hanging on, remaining faithful, because one day we will see the victory.
Today, as you go about your daily routines, may you remember the power of the resurrection. Death isn’t the
end! This world isn’t all there is! Jesus has won the battle!