The Lost Art of Listening

Most of us aren’t great at listening. When someone is talking, we are thinking of what we want to say next,
rather than seeking to understand them. This can cause challenges in our relationships with others. But have you
ever thought about how that affects your relationship with God?
Most of us spend far more time talking to God than listening to Him. Our prayers are a one-sided monologue.
We don’t give space or time for God to get a word in edgewise. I’m not saying that God is going to audibly
communicate with you if you listen hard enough or well enough, but, often, if we can still our busy hearts and
minds long enough to create space and peace, God does often communicate with us. In your prayers this week,
spend some time in silence, asking God what he might be wanting to say to you. Maybe a scripture verse might
come to mind. Maybe you will be tugged to do something you’ve been putting off, or to stop a sin that has been
encroaching on your heart. Maybe God knows you just need a moment of stillness, and he will give you an
uninterrupted moment of peace. Today, listen to his voice.