Thanking God for Difficult Times

My shortest ministry was at a church in Indiana. It lasted a mere matter of months. At the time we were trying
to adopt Zayne, and the adoption was taking longer than expected. I had felt called to take a ministry position at
a church in Indiana, and we were hopeful that the adoption could be finalized before the start date of the
ministry. That didn’t happen, and so I moved over there, hoping it would only be a month before my family
could join me. That one month turned into 2, then 3, then more. I was living four hours from my family, in
another state. Even though the church was accommodating and did their best to help me spend time with my
family, it was unsustainable for me and my family. I eventually left the church.

I often wondered why God allowed my family and I to go through this difficult time. I used to even joke about
how it’s nice to have an 812 area code because no one from there calls me, so any 812 number is probably
scam. But I’ve recently had two members from the church reach out to me. We’ve had great discussions about
how God worked and moved during that time. It was difficult, but I have grown to be thankful.
What was God teaching you through difficult areas of your life? Have you learned to thank him, even for the