Stand Firm

Abigail played piano with Phyllis first service yesterday, so Jackie and the kids came to support her.
Gabe, our youngest, wanted to walk around with me before service. One congregation member asked his name,
and I told him “Gabriel.” They responded with, “That’s a strong name to stand up to!” And Gabe said, “Well,
I’ve got strong legs!”
The Bible commands us to “stand” fairly often. We are to stand when persecution comes (Luke 21:28),
stand in grace (Rom. 5:2), stand by faith (Rom. 11:20), stand up against temptation (1 Cor. 10:13), and to stand
firm (many times, most notably Ephesians 6). Standing indicates readiness, preparation, and expectation. We
are to be constantly vigilant and always ready to act on God’s commands. Sometimes it’s easy to become
passive, to sit and wait, but we aren’t called to passive acceptance of whatever comes, but to stand firm in all
May you have strong legs this week to stand for God.