Sacrificial Love

Years ago I led a small group of high school boys. Like many teens, they were always hungry. We joked
that they were our garbage disposals, because any leftovers we had they would happily consume. On one youth
trip, we were at an ice cream shop that had a challenge: if you could eat this massive bowl of twelve scoops of
ice cream, it was free. This one boy talked up how he could easily eat that much ice cream. So the other
students pooled their money and ordered it for him. He had to back up his words with actions. And he barely
got through one scoop.

Sometimes we do the same as Christians. We talk about sacrificial love. We talk about laying down our
lives for those around us. But when we are faced with an actual need, sometimes we look for excuses to back
out. I enjoy the writings of the apostle John. He doesn’t hold back or leave any wiggle room to worm our way
out of following God’s commands. He’s not afraid to call our bluff. He bluntly says that words aren’t good
enough. They need to be backed up with action. How is God calling you to love sacrificially this week?
Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. – 1 John 3:18