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Denim Bowl 2016

Every year our youth group (FCC Student Ministries) hosts the “Denim Bowl,”  The price of admission is the donation of a pair of jeans that we give to “Teens for Jeans.”  They then provide those jeans to teenagers that are homeless and/or can’t afford them.  
We have a ton of fun, food, games, and giveaways!

Men’s League Lunch

Our men got together to have the manliest of all competitions!  They had one hit on a nail with a hammer to see who could drive it in the farthest!  Then, they had to chop some wood using a very small hatchet!  They had fellowship while eating grilled chicken.  We hope other men will join us at our next one.

Guys Guns & Grills

Men’s League Event

Our men got together to grill some food and shoot some guns!  Just a fun time of fellowship!  Please watch the video below to see some of the crazy times we had!