Open Doors

I recently read a book about church growth. One of the elements the book mentioned was “open
door” programs. These are programs and ministries through which people get connected to the church. In our
current context, our volleyball ministry would be a good example of an open door. The water bottles given to
people at Hog Days, and school supplies handed out in Kewanee, would also be open doors.

While we, as a church, need to look for ways to make more open doors into the church, we can all be
an “open door” to invite friends and neighbors. Every successful church will be more outward focused than
inward focused. When we begin focusing on ourselves, we will begin to die. Who can you reach out to this
week? Imagine if everyone brought one friend to church this year that stayed connected to the church. We
would have twice as many people in a year as we do now. Wouldn’t that be exciting? You can be a part of
helping this happen. Who can you bring to Jesus this year?