Oh, Say, Can You See

Francis Scott Key wrote the words to the Star-Spangled Banner while on a British ship during the bombardment
of Fort McHenry. Key, a loyal American, was unable to do anything but watch as the British bombarded the
fort. Through the darkness of the night, it was difficult to tell what was happening. Had the fort surrendered?
Had they held out? Would they fly the white flag of surrender, or the star-spangled banner? It wasn’t until “the
dawn’s early light” that Key could see which flag was waving. In relief and joy, he saw the flag of his new
country, flying true in the midst of the battle.
Sometimes as Christians, in the dark of the night, we can question if God is still in control. Does He see what is
happening? Does He even care? But when the morning comes, we realize He has been there all along. Today, if
you are going through a battle in the night, with bombs bursting in air all around you, take heart, because our
God still stands.