Made Himself Nothing

“[He] did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing” Phil. 2:6b-7a
Imagine becoming an infant again. Think of all that you would lose! You would no longer be able to drive
where you want to go, fix yourself food you want to eat, and talk to friends with ease. Newborns can’t even
hold up their own heads. They have minimal understanding that their hands are even part of their body, much
less able to use those hands to manipulate the world around them. If you retained your memories of your current
life, you would undoubtedly feel trapped. You would be a prisoner in your own body.

The verse this week says that Jesus “made himself nothing” or “emptied himself” to become like us. This being
that was created the universe, spoke planets into existence, and formed life on Earth chose to give up all of that
for a time and be housed in a frail human body. The One who created the stars now relied on his parents to feed
and clothe Him. Jesus never stopped being God, but he limited himself. He took on flesh. He left the splendor of
Heaven to dwell among men. Jesus didn’t cling to His “rights” or His titles. Instead, he chose to serve. Today,
make the choice to serve like Jesus. Jesus made Himself nothing to serve us. Let us do the same to serve others.