Keep Watch!

We live in a society where surveillance and privacy are major concerns. Every store you enter has
security cameras, many stoplights have cameras, not to mention just about everyone walks around with a
camera in their pocket or purse these days. “Who is watching?” is a valid question in our day, but, in another
sense, it’s always been a good question.

I was at a Promise Keepers conference in my mid-twenties. Bob, one of the older adults in our group,
was there too, but Bob had some significant health problems. He couldn’t move as fast as young guys like
myself. I was mostly concerned about being where I needed to be when I needed to be there, but I took note of a
man a little older than me who made it a point to stay by Bob’s side. He walked with him, helped him up steps,
and generally made sure he wasn’t alone.
This helper didn’t know he was being watched, but he was. Years later, this memory still impacts me
and challenges me to help those who might need a little extra assistance. You never know who is watching you.
Little choices you make each day might influence someone you never imagined.