How to Get the Most Out of Online Worship

As we enter into another month of online worship, I wanted to share a few tips about how to get the most out of
worship during this time.
1. Remove Distractions – One of the challenges of online worship is that it is easy to get distracted.
Whether it’s by some app notification on your phone or that pile of bills that need to be paid, distractions
can steal your focus. Do your best to create an environment conducive to worship. Allowing yourself to
be fully present in worship will help you connect to God that much easier.
2. Sing along – Usually when we consume digital media, we are strictly passive observers. We hope that
you will actually sing along during the worship time. Turn up the volume and join your voice to ours.
You aren’t singing to a tv screen, after all, you’re singing to the same God who is with you just as much
at your home as He is at the church building.
3. Interact – Let us know you’re here! One of the hardest parts of online worship for those of us on stage is
the absence of people in the room. Liking the stream, commenting, and/or sharing not only help us know
you are “with” us, but it also helps boost the post so that more people can be reached with the message!
4. Worship together – Just because we can’t ALL worship together in person does not mean NONE of us
can. If you have family, co-workers, or friends that you are already spending a great deal of time with,
then feel free to meet up for worship. Worshiping with six or seven people may not be the same as
worshipping with eighty or a couple hundred, but it’s often better than being by yourself.
5. Ask for help – As a very practical final note, if you are having an issue connecting, let us know! We
know this is still a new thing, and some of you may not yet be familiar with how to connect. Sometimes,
like last Sunday, we might have issues on our end too, so checking in helps you know if the issue is on
your end or ours.
This isn’t the ideal worship situation for any of us, but it’s the best option we have right now to keep people
safe. We love you all and hope you will continue to draw closer to God even through this challenging time.