His Plan for Me

The following is an excerpt from a message delivered by Leonard Ravenhill in 1981.
Have you ever seen the little plaque that reads, “Only one life, twill soon be past, only what’s done for
Christ will last?” Well, that’s not what the poet wrote. The poet wrote this: “Only one life, ‘twill soon be past,
only what’s done for Christ will last. And when I am dying, how happy I’ll be, if the lamp of my life has been
burned out for Thee.’” Do you think all Christians die happy? Not on your life! Some of them die as miserable
as sinners. Why? Because they have misused their time and wasted their lives. Many of you have laid dying
on a hospital bed and prayed, “Lord, if You would only spare me, I’ll do this, that or the other.” Well, have you
done it?

I discovered this poem by an unknown author the other day and I wanted to share it with you.
“His plan for Me”
When I stand at the judgment seat of Christ
And He shows His plan for me,
The plan of my life as it might have been,
Had He had His way–and I see
How I blocked Him here, and checked Him there,
And I would not yield my will,
Will there be grief in my Savior’s eyes,
Grief though He loves me still?
Would He have me rich and I stand there poor,
Stripped of all but His grace,
While memory runs like a hunted thing,
Down the paths I cannot retrace.
Lord, of the years that are left to me,
I give them to Thy hand;
Take me and break me and mold me,
To the pattern that Thou hast planned.