Help My Unbelief!

In Mark 9, we encounter a parent of a child with seizures. He’s tried everything to help his son. Every
medicine, every healer, and nothing has worked. Then he hears about this miracle worker named Jesus. Nothing
else has worked, so he’s not too hopeful. But he still takes his son, travels for what was likely many miles, and
finally he arrives. When he does, Jesus isn’t there. He’s off on a mountain with three of his disciples. The other
nine assure him they can handle the problem. They try, but the healing doesn’t work.
The man kind of loses it. After all the years, all the raised hopes being dashed one after another. Every
hope followed by despair. Enough is enough. He begins yelling at the disciples. It’s a classic “Can I speak to
your manager,” kind of moment. A crowd gathers to watch the exchange. Tempers flare. It’s about to get really
Then Jesus arrives. “What are you arguing about?” Jesus asks. The man tells Jesus about his son and
about the disciples’ failure. After a bit of discussion, the man asks Jesus, “If you can do anything… help us.”
Jesus responds, “If? Everything is possible for him who believes.” The man is forced to face his faith.
Does he really believe? In the midst of all the expectations, disappointments, and frustration, does he believe?
Or not? Or… both?
“I do believe,” the man says, “Help my unbelief.” And Jesus heals the boy. Sometimes you may feel
caught in this trap of believing and doubting all at once. You want to follow Jesus, but there are some areas you
just have trouble surrendering. Today, will you pray “I do believe. Help my unbelief?” Even your doubts aren’t
too big for Jesus. He simply lovingly calls you to take that next step of faith.
“Help My Unbelief!”