Faith and Culture

One professor of mine said that preachers should always preach with a Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the
other. Since that time, newspapers have been in sharp decline, but it’s just as important for churches to find the
intersection of God’s eternal, unchanging Word, and the ever-shifting culture in which we live. Our At the
Movies series is an attempt to do just this. It follows the long history of the faith all the way back to at least
Acts 17, where Paul speaks to the men of Athens about the idols in their city and quotes their own poets in his
sermon. My hope is that you will use this fun series to invite friends to come and hear the good news of Jesus in
a unique and creative way. Not only that, I also want us as Christians to see how we can use the cultural starting
points of our world to stir conversations about matters of faith. This week, be alert for the opportunities God
may be setting before you to have conversations that matter with friends and family.