Extreme Danger, Extreme Sacrifice

A few days ago I was listening to the news out of Texas. In some major cities nearly 100% of people
lost power at the same time the state was receiving freezing temperatures. The domino effects of cold weather, loss of power, boil orders, and more have caused a crisis in the region. In spite of the difficulties, people have gone out of their way to help others. Families who still have power have invited other families into their homes. The news talked about the risks of this kind of arrangement because of Covid, but the citizens of Texas decided that the leaving neighbors to freeze was worth the risk.
When there is a crisis, people tend to rise to the occasion. We are willing to sacrifice greatly when
someone we care about is in grave danger. Many of you would gladly open your home to a neighbor that would
freeze without your assistance. The greater the danger for the person, the more we are willing to risk.
Yet many of our loved ones and neighbors are facing the risk of an eternity without God. If we know the
stakes, we should be willing to go to great lengths to “snatch others from the fire and save them” as the book of Jude says. Paul endured prison, beatings, shipwrecks, and more in order to offer the salvation of Jesus to those who were perishing. Are you willing to give up something (comfort, status, time, etc.) in order to help save others for eternity? Who will you talk with today?