Dyson Spheres and Jesus

A Dyson sphere is a term for a theoretical hollow shell that would encompass a star, harnessing all the star’s energy and providing exponentially more energy than one tiny planet could gain on its own. The idea started in science fiction, but the idea has crossed into actual science. Mathematician Freeman Dyson, for whom the idea was named, speculated that advanced alien species might have constructed such spheres, unintentionally making it harder for outside observers to find them (because the light from the star would be blocked by the sphere).

Using this as a metaphor, if Jesus is our sun, we will never be able to “block out” his light. But I wonder if sometimes Christians are so concerned about getting what we want from Jesus, trying to soak up all we can, that we lose sight of the people who desperately need his hope and grace. When we are only focused on ourselves, we block the light of Christ from shining through us. Christians aren’t called to be Dyson spheres. Christians are more called to be like the moon. We receive the light of Christ, but also reflect it to people who need that light as well.