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Who Cares About Theology?

When I was in high school, I took a course on physics. During the class, I was struck by the idea that we are all
doing physics all the time. The angle we throw a baseball is physics. The way we adjust our stride to get onto a
moving escalator is physics. It’s all physics!

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Worship Is Not Automatic

After service yesterday, I was reading “Spiritual Formation as If the Church Mattered” by James Wilhoit, and came across
a quote that better expressed what I meant by “consistent participation in Sunday morning worship:”
Worship is the primary corporate spiritual discipline of the church. The discipline aspect of “worship” is to make our
collective activity worship. Worship is not always easy: it involves deep intimacy, openhearted reverence, and awe. On a
personal level, we may encounter barriers and distractions that keep us away from a worship service or distract us while
we are there. On a corporate level, leading people into sincere worship—“worship in spirit and truth” (John 4:24)”—is not
automatic. It is unwise to assume that simply gathering people together results in worship. (pp. 72-73).
When we gather together, let us gather with expectancy for what God will do in our lives both individually and
collectively. Let us approach the throne of grace with confidence (Hebrews 4:16).

Used By God

I’ve recently been reading through, “The Men We Need,” by Brant Hansen. It’s a book about being a biblical
man. One quote that is applicable, not just to men, but to everyone is, “If you don’t do something, don’t just
assume it will get done. Your life is deeply meaningful, one way or another. Your efforts matter. Your work
matters. You’re the only one uniquely placed in your position in the world. No one else is in your exact context.
If someone needs encouragement and you don’t provide it, it’s quite possible they will not be encouraged. If
someone needs their existence acknowledged and you are in a position to do that but take a pass, it’s possible no
one will acknowledge it. Yes, God wants it done, and yes, he has the power to do it. That’s why he put you

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Passing on the Story

Earlier this year, a nostalgia-based quiz made the rounds on social media. Parents were supposed to ask their kids what
they knew about trapper keepers, rotary phones, yellow pages, and TV guides. Most teens, naturally, had no idea about
these mostly obsolete technologies.

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Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

I’m nearsighted. I’m so nearsighted that when the optometrist wants to check my unaided vision, I can’t even see the big
E. They have to get out a larger, posterboard sized set of letters. I can see things very close just fine but seeing at any
distance away from myself is essentially impossible.
Spiritually, we can all be a little near-sighted. For most of us, our focus is on ourselves all the time. It takes a corrective
lens to get our vision off of ourselves and see other people. That’s part of the brilliant simplicity of our “Pray for One”
campaign. When we ask God to show us one person to share the Gospel with, our eyes have to be open to what God is
doing in the world around us.
Today, may your eyes be open to the needs of those around you, and may you see the world through the lenses of Christ.

Pray For One

Begin today by asking God to open our eyes to opportunities to shine His light.
“Pray for One is a unified prayer that unleashes an exponential movement of God’s love. Praying God’s expressed will
into your life will bring transformation to you and to every One that encounters God through you. This simple prayer can
position individuals, families, and churches to impact eternity by effectively sharing God’s love One person at a time.”
“God, give me one person to share your love with today.” –Bo Chancey, Senior Pastor, One Church
How can we best share God’s love with those around us?
• Begin with prayer
• Listen to others
• Eat with others and build the relationship
• Serve others
• Story -Tell your Story. By establishing a relationship, and investing in others, opportunities will arise to share your
story of God’s influence upon your life.

What are you carrying?

My family has moved several times. Each time, it’s much the same. You rent the U-Haul and pack it full of all
the items you’ve accumulated over the years. But not every item goes in the U-Haul. Some chosen items, those
most fragile, or those most important, are tucked in the family vehicle, nestled among the children and their
backpacks of toys for the trip. Some things don’t go in the back of a truck, they deserve special care.

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The Best Bible Translation

There is a story about four preachers who were discussing the merits of the various translations of the bible.
One liked the King James Version best because of its simple, beautiful English. Another liked the American
Revised Version best because it is closer to the original Hebrew and Greek. Still another liked a contemporary
version best because of its up-to-date vocabulary. The fourth preacher was silent. When asked to express his
opinion, he replied, “I like my mother’s translation best.” The other three expressed surprise. They did not
know his mother had translated the Bible. “Yes, she did,” he replied. “She translated it into life, and it was the
most convincing translation I ever saw.” From The Lamplighter

Walking in the Truth

I was in college, sitting in a Wednesday Night Bible study at my church. One of the adult members of the class
shared about how God was working in their life, and the teacher quoted 1 John 4, “I have no greater joy than
to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” For those that lead in the church, our greatest joy is to see
people take steps of faith for the cause of Christ. As we celebrated yesterday, that was the source of my joy as

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Encountering God

Recently I’ve been listening to an audio version of the Bible. A few days ago, I was in the book of Exodus and
heard something that caused me to do a literal double take. I’ve read and studied the Bible for most of my life,
but I had managed to overlook this passage every single time:

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