Question: Why do we have so many different denominations within our churches. I didn’t really see Jesus going around
preaching Baptist agenda or Methodist agenda or FCC agenda. Why and where did this take place? Jesus just preached the word and people just seemed to accept it but how and why did that change into so many different things and beliefs over small things and big things.

Up until the Reformation (Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses to the door of the Wittenburg Church), basically
there were two major branches of Christianity: Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. There were several other
smaller groups as well, but those were the two major branches. Roman Catholicism had become corrupt at this stage, and
a sketchy fundraising campaign led to the selling of indulgences to forgive the temporal penalty of sin. Martin Luther
couldn’t stand the pretty clear abuses of power and unbiblical theology that were rampant during this era, and ended up
breaking away from the church. As he, and others, tried to think about what a more Biblical approach might be, there
became disagreements about important matters like communion and baptism, free will and predestination and others.
As the various denominations grew, well-meaning people would try to help make the church more like what they
felt the Bible taught. This often was met with resistance and thus a new church would split off. Almost every
denomination was started because an individual or group was trying to correct what they saw as a flaw in their church,
usually with the best of intentions.
The Independent Christian Church (of which FCC is a part), actually started as an attempt to cross denominations
and bring everyone together under the common banner of “Christian”, a biblical name for believers that doesn’t carry
denominational baggage. One of the sayings of the Independent Christian Church is “we are not the only Christians, but
we are Christians only”. So the movement that started FCC was actually to counteract the very divisiveness the question
asker has experienced. One of the reasons I love our branch of Christianity is that we are open to a range of theological
views as long as they find their basis in the Scripture. We have no creed besides Christ.
The twin goals of the Independent Christian Church, that we still strive for today are: unity among Christians and a deep
commitment to the Bible. We aren’t competing with other Christ-following churches. We’re all in this together. We just
want to follow the scripture.