Became Obedient to Death, Even Death on a Cross

Legend tells of a time when Alexander the Great demanded the surrender on a foreign ruler. The ruler scoffed
and asked why he should surrender when his force was twice as large as Alexander’s. This meeting took place
near a cliff, and Alexander ordered his soldiers to line up and march towards the cliff. One by one the soldiers
stepped unwaveringly off the edge, plummeting to their death. After the first five soldiers fell to their doom, the
foreign ruler announced his surrender. Any general that could command such total obedience in their soldiers
would be unstoppable in battle.

Jesus followed the commands of His Father obediently, even until death. He showed us ultimate trust by
following to the end. Job echoed a similar sentiment in Job 13:15, “Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him.”
You may be facing a seemingly insurmountable obstacle today, but my challenge to you is to trust God in
obedience, no matter the result.