Often people who know we have adopted and do foster care will ask, “How many of the kids are
yours?”. We always answer, “They all are.” But then will proceed to try to answer the question they meant to
ask, which is usually, “How many are biological?”. Early in our marriage, I was somewhat resistant to adoption.
I had all the usual questions. Would I be able to love a child that didn’t share my DNA? Would it be the same as
having a biological child? Those questions and fears kept me resistant for some time.
But when Joshua was born all those concerns fell away. The minute I first laid eyes on him I knew that I
loved this little guy with my whole heart, that I would die for him if needed. It wasn’t until that moment that I
understood what the scripture means when it talks about God adopting us (Romans 8:23). God chose us. He
loves us with an indescribably deep love. We are His. You have a Father who loves you, who chose you, and
who watches over you. As you go through this week, may you experience the love of your Father.