Who Will You Share God’s Word With Today?

Yesterday I had the privilege of teaching the “Pairs and Spares” class during the Sunday School hour. We looked together at the book of Jonah. Jonah was called to the Assyrians (the capital of which is Nineveh). The name Nineveh struck terror into the hearts of all those living in western Asia in this period. This nation was cruel, heartless, and conquered nation after nation. Listen to these words from one of the Assyrian kings (Ashur-nasirpal II) himself.
I stormed the mountain peaks and took them. In the midst of the mighty mountains I slaughtered them; with their blood I dyed the mountain red like wool. With the rest of them I darkened the gullies and precipices of the mountains. I carried off their spoil and their possessions. The heads of their warriors I cut off, and I formed them into a pillar over against their city; their young men and their maidens I burned in the fire!… I built a pillar over against the city gates, and I flayed all the chief men who had revolted, and I covered the pillar with their skins; some I walled up within the pillar, some I impaled upon the pillar on stakes, and others I bound to stakes round about the pillar.
These were not nice people. They were incredibly far from God. Yet God wanted to reach them with his truth. Who in your life needs to hear the truth of the gospel today? Maybe it’s someone who doesn’t look like you. Maybe someone who is from a different political party than you. Maybe it’s someone who has treated you poorly. Yet, in the beginning part of the book of Jonah we learn that God’s word is for everyone. We are all his children. Who will you share God’s Word with today?