According to Christian Statistician, George Barna, the United States is becoming more and more “post-Christian.” What does that mean? While church attendance and a general regard for Jesus and the Bible was once commonplace in America, our society has begun moving the other direction. A few weeks ago, Barna released a list of the top 100 Post-Christian cities in America. Guess which cities topped the list?
I imagine you might have guessed places like Los Angeles, San Diego, or New York City. While all of these are in the top 40, one of the regions closest to Kewanee was higher than any of those three. The Quad Cities took the 14th spot on this list! Peoria also made the list at #50. The post-Christian USA isn’t just on the coasts, it’s in our own back yard. How do we respond? First, we realize that God has called us to be a light in the dark. We live in a mission field. If you are a Christian, in a very real sense you are a missionary. Gone are the days where we can passively sit back and hope people show up. We need to study our culture, actively seek out effective ways to share Jesus, and, most importantly, pray continually for the lost in our community. God isn’t done with America yet. Will you be part of helping draw this area back to Christ? (If you are interested in reading more about Barna’s findings or methodology, go to )