It’s Never Too Late!

The Word of God tells us that Jesus is slow in coming again because He wants all men to be saved. Jesus told a parable of workers hired at the beginning of the day to work in the farmer’s field for a sum of money. He came back at midday and again in the afternoon and an hour before quitting time and hired more workers each time for a sum of money. When it came time to pay each worker, each worker received the same sum of money. Workers were paid for the work agreed upon and not for an hourly wage. So whether one worked all day, half day or an hour, they all got the same pay.
Recently I baptized a grandmother who wanted to be baptized because her teen grandson was baptized. Both have been faithful and their reward is salvation and heaven. I have been asked to baptize babies like some churches do to protect them and promise them the reward of heaven. I have had to explain to parents that their baby is safe in Jesus, but in a world of sin, they are going to grow up and sin. Then they need to be discipled to accept Jesus dying on the cross for them and be baptized for the forgiveness of their sins. It is never too late. I baptized Charlie when he was 87 and Mr. Pate when he was 91 and Grace when she was 103. Let me encourage you to make your decision. Let’s talk. I am already praying for you. For others of you, it is not too soon as long as you believe Jesus is the Christ and you want Him to dwell in you. Let’s talk. I am praying for you too.