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Often people who know we have adopted and do foster care will ask, “How many of the kids are
yours?”. We always answer, “They all are.” But then will proceed to try to answer the question they meant to
ask, which is usually, “How many are biological?”. Early in our marriage, I was somewhat resistant to adoption.
I had all the usual questions. Would I be able to love a child that didn’t share my DNA? Would it be the same as
having a biological child? Those questions and fears kept me resistant for some time.

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At the last Kewanee Ministerial Association meeting the other ministers began discussing Ash Wednesday, the
best way to make or purchase ashes, and how to best apply the ashes. When I mentioned that our church doesn’t celebrate
Ash Wednesday, it was met with surprise. Then, this past Sunday, our Sunday School class began discussing traditions
and the pros and cons associated with them. It reminded me about my visit one time to a Greek Orthodox Church. The
Priest told me, “The difference between your church and mine is that you just have the Bible, and we have the Bible and
tradition. So if you didn’t have the Bible, you would have nothing, but we still would have tradition.” This always stuck
with me because I thought and the time, and still think today, that tradition that has no connection with the scripture is not
a good foundation for a church.

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Words to Build a Life On

I have had several conversations recently about the reliability of the scriptures. I’m thrilled that
people are talking about this, because the scriptures are the foundation of what we teach and preach at
FCC, and it is quite natural for people to make sure that foundation is secure before building their life on

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Question: Why do we have so many different denominations within our churches. I didn’t really see Jesus going around
preaching Baptist agenda or Methodist agenda or FCC agenda. Why and where did this take place? Jesus just preached the word and people just seemed to accept it but how and why did that change into so many different things and beliefs over small things and big things.

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Descended into Hell?

The independent Christian Church (of which FCC is a part), has historically been cautious of creeds at
best. If you grew up in a mainline denomination or the Catholic Church, you probably have memories of
reciting the Apostles’ Creed or the Nicene Creed in services. Our question today has to do with a difficult line
in the Apostles’ Creed that says (in some versions) that “[Jesus] descended into Hell”. There’s a lot to unpack

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Justification and Sanctification

One question I received was the difference between justification and sanctification. These are both big
“churchy” words, but they are full of deep meaning for Christians. Justification is our legal state before God.
Because of Christ we are justified. One preacher commented that when Jesus justifies us, He makes it “just as if
I” never sinned. That’s pretty accurate. Justification means to give us the standing before God as pure, righteous
and holy.

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Will We Get Bored in Heaven?

Will we get bored in heaven? Consider this: God is infinite. It will take infinity to get to know God. We will
never fully understand all that God knows. In heaven we will learn something new every ‘day.’ So how could
we get bored? (Psalm 147:5; Isaiah 40:28). –Charles Stanley

Exmas and Chrissmas

C. S. Lewis writes a satirical essay about how the strange nation of Niatirb (yes, that’s Britain
backwards) celebrates Christmas. He remarks that is seems as if there are two separate holidays on the same
day: Exmas and Chrissmas. Exmas is a time of great stress, labor, and weariness. People get cards to send one
another, and there is great lamenting when they receive a card from someone they didn’t send one to. And then
the gifts:

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Keep Watch!

We live in a society where surveillance and privacy are major concerns. Every store you enter has
security cameras, many stoplights have cameras, not to mention just about everyone walks around with a
camera in their pocket or purse these days. “Who is watching?” is a valid question in our day, but, in another
sense, it’s always been a good question.

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Who Are You?

I had a professor once who pronounced my last name differently when calling role each class period. I
corrected him the first three or four times, but when it was obvious my corrections weren’t sticking, I gave up
and just said “here” to whatever butchering of my name he did that day. As you can imagine, I never felt
particularly “known” by that professor. When someone doesn’t know your name, they don’t know you.

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