Matthew 26:1-13. Matthew says it was two days before Passover. We know, however that Passover is on Thursday and celebrated as Maundy Thursday. A lesson on how the Jewish calendar and clock works. Our Wednesday begins at 12:00 midnight a.m. and will end at 11:59p.m. In Jewish timekeeping in Bible times, the next day began at sundown. So at sundown on Tuesday, that began the Jewish Wednesday. So, it could be that Matthew’s reference has some credibility to it that the Passover would be in two days. John, writes in his gospel that this event occurred six days before the Passover. Whenever it actually occurred, let’s not miss the point here.

It’s Never Too Late!

The Word of God tells us that Jesus is slow in coming again because He wants all men to be saved. Jesus told a parable of workers hired at the beginning of the day to work in the farmer’s field for a sum of money. He came back at midday and again in the afternoon and an hour before quitting time and hired more workers each time for a sum of money. When it came time to pay each worker, each worker received the same sum of money. Workers were paid for the work agreed upon and not for an hourly wage. So whether one worked all day, half day or an hour, they all got the same pay.

Be Intentional

This is the challenge to you, Church. Will you take the challenge? Who among your friends, neighbors, or family don’t know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for the Holy Spirit to put you in the path of someone and give you the courage to speak for Jesus to them, “Come follow me.” Tell them about the wonderful hope they can have for salvation and heaven because of the third day. Show them how they should obey Christ example of dying for sin, being buried and raised to new life on the third day. When they ask “How? Ask them to die to their sin with repentance of sin and confession that Jesus is the Christ. Lead them to understand that baptism is their burial of their sin and that the water is symbolic of washing away their sin. And when they are raised out of the water, this is their third day! This is their resurrection to new life in Christ. In this season of spring and resurrection of new life on the earth, be intentional with those you know to be resurrected to new life.


As servants of God, Christians should not be in competition with each other. We are on the same team. We ought to work in concert to fulfill Christ’s commission to take the whole gospel to the whole world before
he returns.
However, because we have a sin nature, jealousy sometimes rears its ugly head. We may even covet another believer’s gifts or influence in the church. But God does not want us to compare ourselves to others. He has given each of us exactly what He wants us to have in order to do what He has called us to do.

Battle for the Mind

            Oswald Sanders writes: “The mind of man is the battleground on which every moral and spiritual battle is fought.” And Vance Havner says about this battle, “Our defeat or victory begins with what we think, and if we guard our thoughts we shall not have much trouble anywhere else along the line.” We are fighting an invisible battle, and the battlefield is in our minds. Our mind is where the seed of sin sprouts. As Leslie Flynn writes, “Every kidnapping was once a thought. Every extramarital affair was first a fantasy. Read more

A Living Sacrifice

   How far would you go to snatch a soul from the fires of hell? What would you give up in order to help someone find their way back to Jesus?

    In Romans 12:1 Paul encourages us to sacrifice our very lives for the cause of Christ. “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God…” Read more

The Walking Dead

           When I was first in the Air Force I learned of a bomb called the neutron bomb. It could kill people without destroying any of the buildings. There was one major drawback to this weapon. Those who were outside the immediate blast area would receive enough radiation that they wouldn’t immediately die. It would take a few days before the radiation killed them.

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How Close to the Edge Can I Go?

How close can you drive to the edge?

            There is a story of a county superintendent of education who had three applicants who wanted to fill a single vacancy for school bus driver. According to the story, he devised a test for selecting the most qualified driver.

            The superintendent took the first applicant to a sharp curve on a steep grade along the road and asked, “How close can you drive a bus filled with children to the edge of the road on this curve and still be safe?” The first applicant looked and replied, “I believe that I can go within a foot and still be safe.”

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Black Hole

      Many astronomers believe that black holes are big holes in the universe that act like giant vacuum cleaners, sucking whatever gets close enough into their immense gravitational field. The gravitational pull of a black hole is so powerful that it even sucks in light. No one knows where the substance that enters into a black hole actually goes. Most astronomers speculate that it travels through “worm holes” and empties into the other side of the universe.

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We Must Abide

           This past Thursday Nancy and I were browsing in Good’s Furniture store. While there we found ourselves talking to one of the salesmen. We found out that he is from Galesburg, but spent three years in Texas. He enjoyed his time in Texas, but while there he came to realize that it was time to move back home. What happened was one of his young children told his wife that he was “fixin” to do something. His son was starting to talk like the locals. At that, his wife told her husband that it was time to go back to Galesburg. Texas was changing their son.

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