Be Intentional

This is the challenge to you, Church. Will you take the challenge? Who among your friends, neighbors, or family don’t know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Pray for the Holy Spirit to put you in the path of someone and give you the courage to speak for Jesus to them, “Come follow me.” Tell them about the wonderful hope they can have for salvation and heaven because of the third day. Show them how they should obey Christ example of dying for sin, being buried and raised to new life on the third day. When they ask “How? Ask them to die to their sin with repentance of sin and confession that Jesus is the Christ. Lead them to understand that baptism is their burial of their sin and that the water is symbolic of washing away their sin. And when they are raised out of the water, this is their third day! This is their resurrection to new life in Christ. In this season of spring and resurrection of new life on the earth, be intentional with those you know to be resurrected to new life.